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Specialized 2021 ALLEZ

Prijs 999 euro
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We hoeven het niet te ontkennen, we zijn nog steeds grote fan van aluminium fietsen. Onze Allez is hier een prachtig voorbeeld van. Begin je net met fietsen? Dan is dit het perfecte startpunt.

Deze Allez heeft betrouwbare Shimano’s Claris shifting, duurzame Axis Sport wielen, ons nieuwe super comfortable Body Geometry Bridge zadel en goed beschermende RoadSport banden.


  • Not only does a lightweight bike feel better when you’re climbing up a hill, but it’s also essential when you’re carrying your bike up to the 5th floor, and this was at the forefront of the frame design. With a redesigned E5 Alloy frame, the Allez features a class-leading weight. Aggressively thin-walled, yet tough, tubes have been implemented to save weight and this results in over a 450g (1-pound) reduction in the frame and fork alone when compared to some models of yesteryear.
  • Entry-level road bikes often times feature either alloy or cheap carbon fiber forks that greatly detract from the overall ride quality. But with a full FACT carbon fiber fork, the Allez is better handling, smoother riding, and lower in weight—floating over rough chip-seal and carving through corners like a slalom skier.
  • For the geometry, we developed the Allez by utilizing our vast Retül fit database. This meant creating a geometry that’s sure to cover a broad range of positions, while still providing the performance-minded handling you’d expect from your first bike.
  • This Allez also features integrated rack and fender mounts, allowing you to get weight of your backpack off you and onto a lightweight rack. This not only makes for a good road bike, but it also enables you to transform it into a fast commuter.
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